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At aeioTU we know that we achieve more together. This is why we work in alliance with others to potentiate the social impact we have in the communities where we are present. We count on a broad network of allies in the social, public and private sectors and with the commitment of many people that have supported us with their effort and dedication during the last seven years. Offering high quality education for the early childhood of our country is a transcendental goal that requires continuity. In order to achieve such continuity we need to unite with the different actors that are interested in working on this objective, generating long-term commitments and building together the bases for a society that is more equitable, peaceful and that demonstrates solidarity. When we work together with the aim of expanding coverage with quality integral attention for the early childhood, we generate synergies that lead us to increase the social impact of aeioTU. Together, we close the gap of development and we change the lives of the children, their families and the communities. In addition, while working in alliance with others, we broaden knowledge management, something that allows us to share with others our experiences and learning and motivates them to continue being interested in making a difference in the lives of so many children. This way we have built relationships with more than 60 public, private and international actors to achieve growth and quality. Among these allies are mayoralties, governorships, the national government, companies, foundations and international and multilateral organizations.  For each of the 27 aeioTU centers that we currently operate, we count on around five allies that build and finance with us the strategy for broadening the coverage with quality integral attention for the early childhood.”