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  • Board of Directors

aeioTU-Fundación Carulla’s Board of Directors supports us with the strategic direction and follow-up for the organization. The Board is made up by outstanding professionals with a long trajectory in the social, enterprise and government sectors:

  • Felipe Ayerbe
  • Samuel Azout
  • Ken Brotman
  • Yonatan Bursztyn
  • Juan José Carulla
  • Carlos David Castro
  • Jose Miguel Knoell
  • Alberto Mario Rincón
  • Service Center

aeioTU-Fundación Carulla counts on a Service Center made up by a team of professionals that are highly committed to work for the early childhood and that are in charge of planning, implementing and accompanying the different procedures and strategies developed at the aeioTU centers in Colombia.

The main purpose of the Service Center is to ensure that all processes taking place at the aeioTU centers are efficient and provide an excellent service in order to guarantee quality in our operations.

It is comprised by:

  • Executive Directorate.
  • Administrative and Financial Directorate.
  • Alliance Directorate.
  • Pedagogical Directorate.

Natalia Mesa Gartner  – Chairman

NM 8Nathalia Mesa is the Chairman of aeioTU – Fundación Carulla. Mesa worked during 9 years as the Executive Director of aeioTU and was recognized as Ashoka Fellow due to her achievements leading this organization. Under her leadership, aeioTU managed to position itself as a quality education operation for early childhood in Colombia and internationally. She has a Business Administration and Economics degree from the University of Georgia. Mesa worked as an economist researcher at the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development, and at the INCAE Business School in Costa Rica, and then worked for eight years at AVINA, a foundation with Swiss-origins that invests throughout Latin America, in social entrepreneurs and high impact networks.


María Adelaida López  – Executive Director

MAL 14aeioTU’s Executive Director, Maria Adelaida Lopez, is a well-known Colombian artist, and an expert in the Reggio Emilia philosophy. She has been a university professor, guest artist and speaker. She has been working for more than 20 years in early childhood education and during 9 years she served as the Pedagogical Director in aeioTU, where she led the creation of the aeioTU´s Educational Experience, the pedagogical model used in these educational centers. This model was nominated for the WISE award, which recognizes innovative projects that can have a major impact on global education. She has been a collaborator and member of national associations for early childhood in the United States. As an artist she has been mounting exhibits for more than twenty years, and she has been able to develop an artistic body of work that has won awards and mentions in national art shows.


Ángela Peláez – Pedagogical Director

AP 4Ángela holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Educational and Social Development from the National Pedagogical University. Since she was a university student, Ángela has been dedicated to research in early childhood, especially oriented towards working with people in situations of social exclusion and vulnerability. She joined aeioTU in 2008 as Coordinator of the aeioTU Orquideas de Suba center. She held this position until the end of 2013, when she began working as a Pedagogical Coordinator for the aeioTU centers of the Central and Western Zone. In January 2015, she became the Foundation’s Professional Development Coordinator, a role in which she led the teams of trainers who accompanied more than 6,000 educators to strengthen their educational practices, impacting more than 112,000 children on the Colombian Caribbean coast. Since February 2017, she has been the Pedagogical Director of aeioTU, leading the team of educators in the implementation of the Educational Experience in a clear and coherent manner.


María José Rubio  – Partnerships Director

MJR 2María José has been the Partnerships Director of aeioTU for 3 years. She has a Business Administration degree from Universidad de los Andes, International Business studies from Harvard University and a has advanced in a Masters degree on Social Development in Universidad del Norte. Rubio worked as an Executive Director of Actuar Famiempresas, a foundation dedicated to microfinance, for over 7 years; managed, for the Ministry of Commerce and UNDP, the International year of Microfinance in Colombia in 2005, and has an experience of over 20 years in the social sector.



Gerley Hernández – Administrative and Financial Director

GH 2Gerley is a Public Accountant from the Santiago de Cali University, has a Specialization in Finance from the EAFIT University and has more than 20 years of experience in the financial area, where he has obtained great achievements at a professional level. He worked at Carulla Vivero, where he held different positions, initially as Financial Director, later as National Budget Director, as National Compensation and Benefits Manager; and finally he served as National Treasury Manager. After his career in Carulla, he worked as General Manager of the Nutrix Food Industry company for 4 years, and also as an Administrative and Financial Director in the company Andina TRIM, for a period of four years. He joined aeioTU on 2013, where he serves as an Administrative and Financial Director.