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Who are we?

aeioTU Olaya Herrera - niño en el parquePurpose

aeioTU-Fundación Carulla develops the potential of the children to transform the communities of Colombia in an innovative and sustainable manner.


aeioTU-Fundación Carulla is a social company that works in alliance with public and private actors in order to provide high quality integral care (education, nutrition and children care from gestation until the age of 5). In addition, it accompanies other early childhood centers and educators that are involved with aeioTU to expand their knowledge and experience.


To create a network of sustainable and high-impact aeioTU Centers and to establish through them a network of associate centers in order to accompany them in the improvement of their quality and therefore to cause impact on more than 50,000 children.

Quality Policy

aeioTU – Fundación Carulla is a social company that develops the children’s potential in order to transform the communities of Colombia in an innovative and sustainable manner. We do it through the implementation of the aeioTU Educational Experience with clarity and coherence, recognizing the child as a main character and co-builder of his/her learning and ensuring the best relationships between children and adults.

We listen and take into account the expectations of the children and their families.

We maintain solid and interdependent relationships with public, private, national and international allies, complying with their guidelines and established agreements.

We seek the best quality in integral attention, human team development, physical spaces, the participation of families and the community, the transition towards primary school, management and sustainability.

We are committed to our organizational culture, values and operational principles. We are an organization that learns and constantly improves its own practice, experiences and contexts.