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Why work on Early Childhood?

Colombia has 4.2 million children, of which 3.4 million (82%) are vulnerable. Government programs are addressed to the attention of the children that are part of the Sisben 1 and 2 systems (50%). Nevertheless, the children belonging to Sisben 3 (32%) are also vulnerable and are not eligible to receive attention through the programs of the State.Half of the children in Colombia and Latin America do not receive high quality services for early childhood development and live in poverty. These children are not developing their full potential. In 2010, Nobel laureate James Heckman demonstrated that inequality in human development capacity has negative economic and social outcomes at all levels. Therefore, investing in early childhood education, especially in children of vulnerable populations and their families, promotes equality. Aware of the importance of investing in early childhood, we have mobilized national, regional and local governments, and dozens of foundations and private companies to demonstrate that high-quality services in early childhood care can be provided in vulnerable communities.