aeioTU- Fundación Carulla has been working on the construction and adaptation of optimal spaces for the implementation of the Educational Experiences and attention to children of scarce resources. These infrastructures are known as Child Development Centers (CDI for the acronym in Spanish) and are framed in the Colombian Government's program "From Zero to Forever."

Aula aventureros, aeioTU La Playa - Barranquilla

Qualifying the service is sought with the design and adaptation of CDIs through the development of facilities that comply with the standards of infrastructure and supplies, spaces that promote the specialization of human talent and the organization of children groups. We ensure that CDI become spaces that allow an adequate development of activities related to the children's education, care, protection, psychosocial development enhancement, nutrition and health. We also seek that these spaces enable adequate relationships with the environment and social activities with the active participation of families. We have developed a list of supplies for the classroom, sensory areas, kitchen, dining room, office and external zones, ensuring high quality materials acquired from national suppliers.

Infrastructure in educational centers is essential to a proper operation. aeioTU develop an efficient design, to offer the best services in terms of space, distribution, lighting, ventilation, flow and aesthetics. Thanks to our experience operating 28 schools that have either been built or adapted for us; and that are located in different areas of the country; we can now offer this experience and knowledge to others. Our service include:

Building new infrastructure


  • Technical feasibility
  • Studies and designs
  • Construction
  • Provision of supplies

Adaptation of existing spaces


  • Studies and designs
  • Adaptation
  • Provision of supplies

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