Connecting is aeioTU´s Learning Community, a group of educators and families interested in Early Childhood, who share the principles and values ​​of our educational model; whose main objective is to generate learning co-construction spaces and tools to accompany its members to increase their quality and efficiency.

Its purpose is to share our educational model to support the work of educators and families in their parenting practices, accompanying them to become agents of change that promote the child's image as a competent, creative citizen and society builder. We are a reference of good practices in the face of dialogue and the image we have of learning in early childhood. We look to mobilize around 15,000 educators, impacting 230,000 children and 200,000 families in Colombia, LatinAmerica and Africa, with global scale capacity, with the aim of transforming educational practices, improving interactions between children and adults and closing the inequality gap.


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