Our Curriculum Cartography

Based on practice and taking into account the foundations and components of the Educational Experience, we built a set of pedagogical instruments that help us implement the aeioTU Educational Experience with quality, clarity and coherence. The result is our Curriculum Cartography: the materialization of many years of investigation and experience with different communities, a reflection of an effort that aeioTU has been making in order to share this experience and the knowledge acquired with Colombia and the entire world.

Cartografía Curricular

This curriculum is unique in the sense that it has been inspired on the Reggio Emilia education philosophy, that sees the child as the active main character of its own learning: a learning with meaning where families, teachers and the physical environment unite as partners in the co-construction of knowledge that is full of exploration and investigation.

The Curriculum Cartography is the guide for teachers that provides them with the necessary resources to reflect, analyze and develop their practice. This cartography empowers them and gives them pedagogical and didactic tools that range from how to have significant transition moments during the day, how to potentiate, organizing the environment and accompanying the child in his/her learning until how to follow-up rigorously on his/her development.

This is not a formulated or predetermined curriculum. Nevertheless, it counts on indicators for evaluating the implementation quality of all the angles of the aeioTU Educational Experience including the topics related to safety, health and nutrition, as well as those related to pedagogy and relations. In addition, it is designed to be implemented by any other educational institution focused on early childhood.

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