Sharing, the aeioTU Network is a group of early childhood educational organizations that are interested in implementing our educational model, including the aeioTU Educational Experience and the management and operation of the centers.

  CorpoAyapel-EV   How does it work?
  • Service for organizations operating early childhood centers for vulnerable communities.
  • Its members are also part of the learning community.
  • It is program to accompany others during 10 years.
  • It includes training for trainers.
  • The member of the Network must comply with the adult-to-child ratio specified by the aeioTU model.
  • The member of the network must have an interdisciplinary team composed of a pedagogical professional, a nutritionist and an administrative assistant.
  • The member of the Network must renew all the environments of the center and replicate in the rest of the centers.
  • The member of the Network must comply with the standard of 2 m2 per child.
  • The estimated investment that a member of the Network will make corresponds to:
- Year 1: COP 88MM per center + travel costs - Year 2 and up: COP 3.5MM per center per year + travel costs Member selection process

After having successfully completed 7 months of Formando's one-year program, the partner wanting to join the aeioTU Network will go through a selection process that will include: sending the application to participate in the Network, which will be analyzed by the aeioTU executive committee; a selection interview; the information of the decision to the partner and the signature of the agreement (in case of being accepted).

What does it includes?
  • Curricular cartography.
  • Teacher training program.
  • Nutrition and health program.
  • Average list of materials.
  • Initial diagnoses on pedagogy and quality components.
  • Annual meeting with the partner.
  • Annual evaluation.
  • Administrative model: financial, human resources, purchasing, alliances and communications.
  • Recognition of partnership with aeioTU: With the aeioTU know-how
  • aeioTU internships to deepen the Educational Experience and expand their knowledge from practice.
  Who can be part of the Network? Educational institutions, compensation funds or other educational operators for early childhood, that meet the following selection parameters:
  • Private non-profit sector
  • Commitment to comprehensive attention to early childhood.
  • Share the values ​​and principles of aeioTU.
  • Commitment to mobilize necessary resources for quality.
  • Have an infrastructure improvement plan.
  • Have a pedagogical team that will be trained to be educator of their educators.
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in the work for the development of a community.
  • Have successfully completed the one-year Formando program.
  • Be committed to the evaluation and continuous improvement.
If you are interested in acquiring this service, write to