Training is an aeioTU service that seeks, through training programs, to accompany others to improve the quality of their educational practices, thereby contributing to the improvement of the standards of care defined in our country.   Formando-EV   Who can receive Training? Any educational institution for early childhood that is working with a vulnerable community and wants to strengthen its operation.  

The impact of this service has been evaluated by the Universidad de Los Andes

The training process carried out by aeioTU within the framework of the partnership with the Colombian government to strengthen the educational practices of the Child Development Centers during 2015 and 2016 was evaluated by the Universidad de Los Andes, showing the following results: FormandoImpactoMaestros-EV FormandoImpactoNiños-EV FormandoImpactoAmbiente-EV   The following are some examples of spaces in educational we have transformed throuhg our accompaniment to strengthen the quality of their educational care:   Ambientesantesydesp3-EV   Ambientesantesydesp1-EV   Ambientesantesydesp2-EV If yuo are interested in this service please send us an email to