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Alpina and aeioTU present an educational tool for the development of Colombian children

Committed to the development of early childhood in less favored sectors, Alpina and the aeioTU Foundation presented the catalog Reutilizando Aprendo, which can be downloaded here, a pedagogical instrument that triggers children's learning and promotes environmental awareness. The tool makes use of the post-consumer packaging of Alpina products, which become easily accessible pedagogical elements, with proven effectiveness and which optimize the positive impact on children’s development.

"With this joint work we are contributing to the development of children in homes and communities in different parts of the country, we promote the reuse of our packaging and, most importantly, we convert millions of Colombians into agents of change because everyone can make use of these tools at home or in educational institutions, "said Juliana Correal, Alpina Sustainability Manager.

In addition to the pedagogical impact, this project has an environmental impact, since it sensitizes future generations about the possibilities of reusing the packaging of the products they consume. The development of the tool was thought from the educational experience aeioTU that has shown that it closes the cognitive gap of the existing development between children of families of high and low income. "Reutilizando Aprendo is a catalog which offers a number of possibilities, since they are articulated with the context, the interests that children are living from the exploration processes, the research projects that are being addressed, the development stage and the dynamics of each aeioTU center ", explains María Adelaida López, Executive Director of aeioTU.


Reutilizando Aprendo, is updated monthly, adding two new pedagogical tools made with Alpina post-consumption material; and can be downloaded here, free of charge, for educators and families to access their benefits.