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International recognition to the founder of aeioTU for the creation of aeioTU

Today we celebrate that Nathalia Mesa Gärtner, founder of aeioTU and member of the Board of Directives, received the Klaus J. Jacobs award given by the Jacobs Foundation to social entrepreneurs in child and youth development. This award was given to Nathalia for creating aeioTU and leading it with the strategic vision and leadership needed to demonstrate that it is possible to give quality education to all the children to develop their full potential and thus transform the communities of our country. In the words of Alexandra Güentzer, Communications Director of the Jacobs Foundation, Nathalia was chosen as one of the 10 winners of the award for her “Dedication and personal commitment to transforming early childhood development in Colombia”.

This award represents a validation to the work that, with audacity and dedication, Nathalia carried out during 10 years to make aeioTU the leading organization in early childhood education that we operate today, recognized at a national and international level. The funds from this recognition, CHF 100.000, will serve as a counterpart to mobilize local companies in the opening of new early childhood educational centers. This will be a reality thanks to aeioTU in your business, business centers that constitute the latest innovation that our team has developed with the purpose of taking our Educational Experience to all the children in our country. These centers are an innovative and strategic benefit for the organizations who want to give back to their employees, while at the same time promoting the development of their communities.

The creation of aeioTU in your business is an initiative that also responds to the needs of operating the aeioTU centers that are subsidized in a sustainable way. In the same way as with the subsidized centers, the income that the business centers generate are reinvested to leverage the operation of the centers for vulnerable communities; thus contributing to aeioTU financial model being self-sustaining. http://www.aeiotu.com/centros/aeiotu-en-tu-empresa/

With the opening of the new centers that will be generated thanks to this award, the commitment of private companies, and the support of the government, we will guarantee that 550 children will have access to high quality services in a sustainable way. Additionally, the income received for the operation of the business centers will allow a sustainable operation for 2.500 children in the aeioTU centers for children in vulnerable situations.

For this reason, in aeioTU we are happy, grateful once again with Nathalia, because her tireless search to ensure a just and equitable start of life for every child in our country has penetrated our organizational culture, because her dream has become our dream; and because during the 10 years that she accompanied us leading the way to that dream, she gave us the tools to reach it. We have impacted the lives of more than 157.000 children; we have accompanied more than 10.000 educators in transforming their educational practices from a respectful and inclusive vision of the child as the protagonist of their learning; we have influenced parenting practices and relationship dynamics with the children of more than 279.000 parents and caretakers. We are achieving our dream!