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Sharing – The aeioTU Network is growing

Thanks to a partnership between aeioTU and the National System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) of Mexico, 70 early childhood educational centers from that public institution will enter Sharing – The aeioTU Network.

The decision, which was communicated at the end of the aeioTU Lab held in Mexico City from July 23rd to the 27th, will impact a total of 4,000 children attending the centers entering the Network. In total, 200 educators will receive training and coaching from aeioTU to improve their knowledge and experience; thus strengthening their educational practices.

The aeioTU Lab was the vehicle that allowed aeioTU to share its vision of the child and the role of the teacher with hundreds of educators from to the DIF. The event was a reality thanks to a partnership between aeioTU, the DIF, the LEGO Foundation and the Intercontinental University.

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This professional development event included conferences for educators, workshops for children, workshops for facilitators and staff from the DIF and those responsible for attending the DIF-SEDESOL Children's Stations. Additionally, children, families and educators had the opportunity to visit the "We weave Communities" Exhibition, which makes visible the way children learn with the aeioTU educational model.

The addition of these educational centers to Sharing – The aeioTU Network, represents the materialization of a partnership between these two organizations to promote the development of Mexico´s children full potential; ratifying the aeioTU educational model as an innovative and sustainable strategy in the transformation of communities.

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