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A new edition of the aeioTU Lab is coming

For the fourth consecutive year aeioTU brings the aeioTU Lab, an attractive invitation for educators interested in learning about our Educational Experience.

This year the Lab will take place between October 6th and the 12th, and will offer its visitors different activities including conferences and workshops about art and pedagogy, play, relations between childen and adults, material and evironments for Early Childhood. In addition, the aeioTU centers will open their doors for educators to do internships and guided tours, in order to  learn first hand about our Educational Exerience.

The aeioTU Lab 2018 has recognized national an international guests. During two days, October 10th and 11th, visitors to the Lab will be ale to hear educators from the Reggio Emilia municipal schools in Italy, as well as Eduardo Escalón, Education Dean from the Universidad de Los Andes; María Adelaida López, recognized colombian artist and current aeioTU Executive Director; Ángela Peláez, Pedagogical Director of aeioTU; John Niño, plastic artist and atelierista from the aeioTU centers for the past 3 years;  and Alejandra Forero and John Vela, cofounders of Zorro + Conejo, innovative proposal of arte and design for the Early Childhood.

This year, the aeioTU Lab is a reality thanks to the contribution of Ábaco, Alpina, BibloRed, MaguaRed y Maguaré, the LEGO Foundation,  Universidad de Los Andes,  Universidad de San Buenaventura in Cartagena, and Zorro + Conejo.

For people who cannot register, the aeioTU Lab will offer streaing service.

Every experience in the Lab is free of charge for the visitors, and has limited places, reason for which, interested people should register in  nquintero@aeiotu.org.