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aeioTU Founder receives award on social innovation

Nathalia Mesa Gärtner, founder and member of the aeioTU Board of Directors; receive the Klaus J Jacobs Award for social innovators in Zurich, Switzerland.

The Jacobs Foundation, the organization awarding the prize, invests in the future of youth, promoting that they are productive and socially responsible members of society.

For 2018 the award was given to 10 social innovators who have promoted social changes through the development of children and youth. Among the winners was Nathalia Mesa Gärtner, who received the award for creating and leading aeioTU during its first 10 years.

In the words of Nathalia, "Receiving this recognition was truly moving, I had never been before a group of hundreds of people standing up for our work, and the feedback we normally receive, which fills us with satisfaction, has always come from Inside: seeing what we achieved with children and communities. Receiving this feedback is something that validates our recognition as a social enterprise with a sustainable model, with international experience and a new portfolio of services that is gaining strength thanks to the quality of the model , the management team and various consolidated partnerships"

The award, which consists of CHF $100,000, will be invested by aeioTU in the development of business centers.