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Children from Cartagena enjoy aeioTU at the park

Thanks to the parnership between aeioTU and Fundación Social, towards the transformation of the early childhood ecosystem in the UCG6 neigborhood in the city of Cartagena, the aeioTU Training team is starting the fifth trimester of accompaniments for community mothers and teachers of the child development centers.

So far 496 hours of training and accompaniment have been completed in 280 pedagogical spaces, impacting 5,633 children and 425 educators.

The children, their families and communitites have had the opportunity to participate in different events, including and aeioTU to the park, which took place in the neighborhood of El Pozón, at the Ecological Park.

The event was organized by the aeioTU team and among its participants there were community mothers, educators, children, families, and the president of the Community Action Board.

Everyine enjoyed play and exploration while discovering how to make use of the resources at their disposal to enhance the development of their children.