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aeioTU trains more than 350 early childhood educators in Cartagena

More than 350 early childhood educators from the UCG6 neighborhood in Cartagena, enjoyed aeioTU’s Arts and Pedagogy Immersion week. Amongst the attendees there were community mothers, teachers, interdisciplinary teams and leaders of different Early Childhood operators. This professional development opportunity offered conferences, workshops and an exhibit. It aimed to train educators on the dialogue between art and pedagogy as vehicles for the promotion of knowledge co-costruction with children, recognizing the importance of environment as a source of fun and amazement.










The event was organized within the framework of the partnership between aeioTU and Fundacion Social, an organization that is working on an venture to improve the life quality of people from the UCG6. With this plan, Fundacion Social seeks that the organized community, in partnership with public and private actors, participates with initiative and power in the transformation and overcoming of its problems, defining a wanted future and a route to reach it.

In the Art, daily companion of learning conference, tecahers had the opportunity to analyze the environment and materials used in Early Childhood spaces. They observed different ways to promote pleasant and fun spaces for children, so they become learning mobilizers, inviting them to play and explore, thus detonatying in children questions about the world surrounding them.

The  Plastic that offers hundreds of roads and Earth that transmits a thousand messages workshops allowed teachers to explore different ways in which they can co-construct knowledge and enhance children’s development through experiences around these materials. The Weaving Communities exhibit offered its attendees the opportunity to visualize the way in which children learn in the aeioTU centers, showcasing how our teachers build dialogues between art and pedagogy in their daily experiences.


"I though the workshops were excellent. Especially the manipulation of materials to work with children in pedagogical activities. I really liked seeing and learning the amazing things you can do with soil with the children"

María Bernarda – Community mother HCB Niños Felices

"I really liked the conference. It was a wonderful mental process when they had us create with clay. We left our 30 years of age aside and stayed as 5-year-old children to build and think like them. I learnt that from nothing you can make a lot. That with little materials we can make a lot and learn to be creative and innovative for the children, so that the activities look more prepared and the children can see different things "

Yennis Méndez- Teacher DIMF Semillitas de Fe


"I thought it was very Good, everything we saw was innovative. They took us out of our routine, out of the same things we always do. It gave us many ideas, to take advantage of natural materials, of being resourceful to plan and lead activities with the children that can be amazing for them. At the same time, they allowed us to think outside the box, to stop thinking that activities can’t be done because there is no money, and that there are endless natural materials rich in learning opportunities for our children"

Beatriz Cerda- Coordinator CDI Sueños de Amor.