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New publication on aeioTU’s impact on children’s development

From our beginning, in aeioTU we have given great importance to the evaluation of the impact of the work that we do in favor of the transformation of communities through the development of early childhood potential. This is how, during the past 10 years, we have joined efforts with different partners to measure the effects that we have in children, educators and families that we work with. The most detailed and extensive evaluation of this impact has happened through the aeioTU Longitudinal Study, which started in 2010 and that has been led by the NIEER Institute, Rutgers University and La Universidad de Los Andes.

The study, which was done thanks to the contributions of the Jacobs Foundation, The UBS Optimus Foundation and the BID; has shown, amongst other things, that by 8 months of entering aeioTU, positive effects are found in the children’s cognitive and language development. The academic journal Economics of Education Review just published an article about the results of this study. The article, written by Milagros Nores Ph.D., Raquel Bernal Ph.D. and Steve Barnett Ph.D.; is available for consultation here, and constitutes, without a doubt, extremely important material for the organizations working in favor of the improvement of public policies and quality practices in early childhood development.