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During the last 10 years, aeioTU has been working to improve the quality and coverage of the ecosystem of comprehensive early childhood care services in Colombia.

  Gráfico-Impacto-aeioTU-EV   aeioTU´s educational model has been evaluated and found to close the development gap between children from high and low income families. The NIEER Institute from Rutgers University, and Universidad de Los Andes developed a Longitudinal Study with the objective of determining the effects of the aeioTU educational model in the development of children. This study was funded by the Jacobs Foundation, UBS Optimus Foundation, and the IDB; and was led by researchers Steve Barnett, Milagros Nores and Raquel Bernal.   aeioTU´s Training program has also been evaluated; demonstrating that educators participating in this program improve their educational practices. Universidad de Los Andes University conducted an evaluation of aeioTU's training program within the framework of the partnership between aeioTU and the National Government to strengthen initial education in early childhood education centers from the Colombian caribbean coast during 2015 and 2016.   Impact children       Impact families   Impact educators   Impact communities     Impact centers     Impact system   Objetivos-EV