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  • Board of Directors

aeioTU-Fundación Carulla’s Board of Directors supports us with the strategic direction and follow-up for the organization. The Board is made up by outstanding professionals with a long trajectory in the social, enterprise and government sectors:

  • Felipe Ayerbe
  • Samuel Azout
  • Ken Brotman
  • Yonatan Bursztyn
  • Juan José Carulla
  • Carlos David Castro
  • Jose Miguel Knoell
  • Alberto Mario Rincón
  • Service Center

aeioTU-Fundación Carulla counts on a Service Center made up by a team of professionals that are highly committed to work for the early childhood and that are in charge of planning, implementing and accompanying the different procedures and strategies developed at the aeioTU centers in Colombia.

The main purpose of the Service Center is to ensure that all processes taking place at the aeioTU centers are efficient and provide an excellent service in order to guarantee quality in our operations.

It is comprised by:

  • Executive Direction.
  • Administrative and Financial Direction.
  • Alliance Direction.
  • Pedagogical Direction.

María Adelaida Carrasquilla-EV

Ángela Peláez


Gerley Hernández-EV