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New publication on aeioTU’s impact on children’s development

From our beginning, in aeioTU we have given great importance to the evaluation of the impact of the work that we do in favor of the transformation of communities through the development of early childhood potential. This is how, during the past 10 years, we have joined efforts with different partners to measure the effects that we have in children, educators and families that we work with. The most detailed and extensive evaluation of this impact has happened through the aeioTU Longitudinal Study… see more



aeioTU trains more than 350 early childhood educators in Cartagena

More than 350 early childhood educators belonging to the UCG6 neighborhood in Cartagena (UCG6), enjoyed aeioTU’s Arts and Pedagogy deepening week. The attendees to the event included community mothers, teachers, interdisciplinary teams and leaders of different Service Units and service management entities. This professional development opportunity, which offered its attendees conferences, workshops and an exhibit, aimed to train educators on the dialogue that is woven between art and pedagogy…see more


aeioTU at the Park: an experience that enhances the development of children through play and the connection with their senses, thoughts and nature.

A growing body of evidence supports that play is fundamental for children’s positive development and an essential way to foster the skills required to thrive in today’s world. Play allows children to express their thoughts and beliefs about the world around them… see more



aeioTU promotes families´ participation in the educational processes of children from Cartagena

As part of the partnership between aeioTU and Fundación Social to transform the early childhood ecosystem of the UCG6 community in Cartagena, trainers from aeioTU started accompanying to the educators of this community focused on the development of strategies of participation of families in the educational processes of children under 5 years of age… see more



A new aeioTU center for the community

The aeioTU Toberin center opened its doors in February this year, offering comprehensive quality care to 50 children under 5. This center, located in Bogotá, is the second aeioTU business center, an initiative designed by aeioTU as a response to the interest of different companies to offer an innovative – high impact benefit to their employees. The center was designed for the children of employees from Fundación Cardioinfantil and Fundación Neumológica, as well as for children from the Babilonia, Aranjuez and Dardanelos neighborhood communities, located in the northeast of the city… see more


Children in Cartagena enjoy aeioTU to the park

Thanks to the parnership between aeioTU and Fundación Social, towards the transformation of the early childhood ecosystem in the UCG6 neigborhood in the city of Cartagena, the aeioTU Training team is starting the fifth trimester of accompaniments for community mothers and teachers of the child development centers. So far 496 hours of training and accompaniment have been completed in 280 pedagogical spaces, impacting 5,633 children and 425 educators… see more