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Employers are increasingly realizing the importance of having benefits that make sense for their employees, promoting they feel more satisfied and motivated. Having an early childhood center for employee´s children is an excellent solution.

We created aeioTU in your company, an innovative and strategic benefit for organizations that wish to give back to their collaborators while promoting the development of their communities.

Studies show employees (regardless if they are men or women) who have the opportunity to work knowing that their children are being cared for and educated in a kindergarten within their company; have a greater concentration in their daily tasks, easily achieve their job expectations, participate more and show more committed; which directly impacts the productivity of companies.

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aeioTU in Your company will allow you to improve the productivity of your collaborators

  • Greater concentration of employees in their daily tasks (95%)
  • They achieve their job expectations (93%).
  • Promotes volunteer activities that are not formally required by the position (79%).

aeioTU in Your company will allow you to improve your hiring processes

  • Influences the decision to join the company (84%).
  • Employees recommend the company to other working parents (96%).

aeioTU in your company will allow you to achieve well-being for your employees and manage stress

  • It positively impacts their ability to balance family and work responsibilities (95%).
  • Helps them manage stress levels (91%).
  • Positively impacts the overall well-being (92%).

aeioTU in Your company will help you lower labor turnover

  • Promoting the continuity of employees in the company (90%).
  • Facilitating the return of the employee once his maternity leave is completed (88%).

aeioTU in your company will allow you to save costs and improve productivity.

  • 76% of respondents prioritize initial education as the best benefit that a company can provide [1]


What does aeioTU in your company includes?


aeioTU is an expert in opening and operating high quality early childhood centers. We have a Service Center to ensure our operation. We do everything for you! You can trust our experience and let us take care of:


  • A day in aeioTU: all the experience of our children, day by day in the educational center.
  • Food: we offer complete, varied and nutritious menus.
  • Health: we periodically monitor the growth and proper development of children.
  • Management of the relationship with the family.
  • Workshops for parents: we constantly offer theoretical-practical workshops that aim to invite better parenting practices and to learn about positive and effective strategies to accompany children in these crucial years for their present and future life. 
  • Monitoring the integral development of children through conecTU, a software that we have designed specifically for this purpose.
  • Management of the human team: from selection and hiring, to an adequate program of professional growth in our organization, we take charge of the management of our team of educators and collaborators.
  • Provision and adaptation: we perform a detailed analysis of the space that your company has determined for the center, defining the materials and equipment required, and carrying out the adaptation of the same.



What do you need to have aeioTU in your company?

A team from aeioTU will visit you to perform an analysis of your space and design the specific center for the needs that your company and your team require. We will work together to offer the children of your collaborators the most peaceful care, as well as the best education and nutrition to enhance their development.

The educational center for Your company can be designed for 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 or 200 children. Depending on the size of the center, we will define the needs of the physical space, ensuring efficiency in the management of resources.

If you are interested in acquiring this service, write to us at alianzas@aeiotu.org

[1] Data provided by the study The Lasting Impact of Employer-Sponsored Child Care Centers, Bright Horizons, 2015