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The aeioTU Educational Experience

aeioTU offers an innovative Educational Experience, inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, often cosidered to be the best early childhood pedagogy in the world, and recognized by Unesco, Harvard University and the European Union.

It is comprehensive and considers the child as the protagonist of learning, a process that is sthrengthed by the use of play and art tools.

Developed by our teachers as the result of years of experience working with dverse communities, it includes a play-based curriculum, a program for children development follow up, families and communities participation, the use of art as a learning tool and a professional development program.

Our Educational Experience understand the child as a capable being, and it focuses on the consruction of positive relations around him. Thus, aeioTU children start primary school as participative, proactive, argumentative and curious leaders.

Our children develop their vocabulary as well as their reading and math skills. We improve their nutrition and promote them to be competente, creative and constructive citizens of society.