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"El Laboratorio 2020" moved to virtuality in its sixth version

The sixth version of the aeioTU 2020 Laboratory "Stories and scribbles in everyday life" held in October, was a great opportunity to once again convene actors related to early childhood, to build knowledge and reflections on how, from the daily life of the home or natural or virtual environment can continue to strengthen learning from graphics, narrative and literature in children from 1 to 5 years.

This version of the laboratory was undoubtedly very special, since in addition to developing a very necessary topic for the current moment of children's education, it demanded for the first time a development from virtuality that at first was presented as a challenge, but then we identify as the best ally to reach many families, educators and children throughout Colombia and other countries.

The laboratory also had the leading participation of artists, aeioTU teachers and special guests, who, through creative workshops, conferences and diverse experiences, addressed the importance of stories, graphics and narrative in the development of children, thus achieving summon 1,897 attendees for a week through the virtual platform and 1,702 people who visited the YouTube broadcast, increasing its reach compared to previous versions.

Another important space in the laboratory was the central conference from Reggio Emilia, in which we were able to share with Mirella Ruozzi a conference about "The environment and everyday life, elements that dialogue with graphics and narrative in children's learning" from from which we were able to hear important reflections on this topic and which gave the attendees a context and articulation with the experiences they had been seeing during the week.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the laboratory leaves us great learnings, such as the benefits of virtuality to break borders in order to strengthen the development of children around the world, the value of building experiences that go through the teacher so that they reach the child and the power of graphics, narrative, stories and doodles in learning.

We will continue working year after year, to take the aeioTU laboratory to new settings with high quality.

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